Top 10 Popular Comic Books

The Most Popular Comics in Europe

  1. My Traitor Pierre Alary

You certainly know Sorj Chalandon, and I’m sure you’ve already read it; perhaps you’ve even seen our interview with the author for his latest novel The day before? The books of the French journalist and writer have experienced for some years a second youth, with adaptations in the comic strip of his most popular titles: the fourth wall, father’s Profession and, to be published in February 2019, return to Killybegs. It is therefore logical that we find this viral author in the readers ‘ top BD 2018, with this adaptation of My Traitor signed Pierre Alary.

And given the strength of this novel, which brought the novelist to a broad audience, many readers were able to express in their criticism their initial fear of an adaptation, which might have failed to reflect the modesty and darkness of the original work. Finally unfounded worries, according to amandine_koko: “I found this cartoon extremely strong. The author was able to highlight the words of Sorj Chalandon graphics are simple but upsetting. Monochrome tones contribute to the atmosphere, and the eyes of the ink characters speak more than words. “A success, therefore, and logically quite a lot of impatience as to the next reading back to Killybegs in a comic strip.

  1. Lucky Luke

Comic book heroes are immortal. If neither Morris nor René Goscinny is any more of this world, the cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow continues to make talk about gunpowder in the world of the ninth art.certainly, he does not smoke for a long time and uses his guns only as a last resort. The fact remains that Lucky Luke remains a major figure in comics and still seems to be as popular with readers of all ages. Unlike Tintin, but like Asterix and Obelix, the lonesome cowboy continues to experience adventures in the deserts and saloons that populate Wild America in the late 19th century.

A surprise, however, awaited the readers of the new adventure by Jul and Achdé. It is indeed in Paris that the cowboy with the red scarf is found. The opportunity for this paper American to discover the old world and its city of light. A true scriptwriting bet for this character who never had, before, apart from a few detours in Mexico, left the country of John Ford. The choice might have surprised the readers, but the latter welcomed this new adventure which is even, for some, A Must-See: “You don’t have to be a Lucky Luke fan or be a Parisian to appreciate,” said Eric75, while others salute the tone used by the authors, like Crossroads: “a mastered narrative based on many respectable types of research and a heightened sense of humor. Whether it is visual, reference or based on puns and other games of words, the tone sounds right. »

  1. Our Embellishments

First successful collaboration between Gwénola Morizur (already noticed for Bleu pétrole) and Fanny Montgermont for this cartoon based on a real fact. Our embellishments is a human adventure : that of Lily and Balthazar, two souls who unexpectedly meet at a turning point in their existence. Gwénola Morizur leads the reader to a deep reflection around the quest for happiness while denouncing a monotonous and suffocating routine. Our embellishments is a story of an encounter with the other but also encounter with oneself, in the solitude of the Snowy Mountains.

The 006a delicate plot, which conveys a welcome optimism, and allows its authors to make together a remarkable entry into the bédéic sphere. A feel-good comic strip that has attracted many readers, including Marina53, who particularly appreciated the “risky and benevolent” encounters directed by Gwénola Morizur, in the middle of a cold and snowy winter, offering us “a slice of deeply human life served by a subtle trait”.

  1. The Beautiful Summers, Volume 4: The Rest of the Warrior of Zidrou

Already the fourth volume for this successful series, which continues the family saga of the Falderal: Pierre, Madeleine, and their four children joined by Jean-Manu, Nicole’s boyfriend. At the beginning of July 1980, the whole family is looking forward to a holiday in a villa in Provence. So everything looks like a dream vacation, but the disillusions and funny situations that await them are likely to be numerous! That doesn’t stop the family from staying together, in a good mood.

Babelionautes have found in The Rest of the warrior of Zidrou and Jordi Lafebre when reading a tender and refreshing, and nostalgia positive. “A dive into our own memories” which, according to mumuboc, is eaten “like a madeleine of Proust”.

  1. Five Black Cotton Branches by Yves Sente and Steve Cuzor

It is the history of segregation that is at the heart of this new graphic novel by Yves Sente and Steve Cuzor. The plot takes place in the United States during World War II, Johanna inherited the Diary of Angela Brown, the woman who sewed the first American flag. In her story, she learns that Angela Brown slipped a black cotton star under one of the white stars of the flag, symbolizing the struggle for the black community. If the story told is true, then the entire history of the United States must be rewritten. Yves Sente and Steve Cuzor sign an ambitious and mastered work, exploring many historical-societal themes.

The verdict of the readers is unanimous; five branches of black cotton is a masterstroke to the remarkably constructed scenario. According to Foxfire, his plot is so well done that he ” would be an ideal candidate for a large screen adaptation.”

  • August 22, 2019