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BACKGROUND: Dharma The Cat’s comic strip began in Sydney in 1997.  Since then  it has been published in magazines in 26 countries, and translated into 15 languages (see “Magazines”).  The web site has won the 10 Best On The Web Award: www.DharmaTheCat.com, and is used in classrooms worldwide, for students from 9 years old through University level (see Fan Mail).  The web site has been listed on the BBC’s top recommended home study sites, in the curricula of Philosophy and Comparative Religions.


“Dharma The Cat” has gained a large and loyal international following, evidenced by the volumes of enthusiastic emails from fans of all ages, from all parts of the world.  Their testimonials tell us that these cartoons are hanging on fridges, doors and office windows all the way from Iceland to Argentina.  [see cartoons]



The brief but insightful daily Multimedia Messages are all based on the legendary wit and wisdom of Dharma The Cat himself.

Dharma The Cat is the King Of Cool.      He looks down from a great height on
the never-ending recurrence of Human


This Cat is the Wisest Of Wits.  He loves handing down wry commentary on the ill fortune of being born a mere Human (which is usually the consequence of some terrible karmic blunder in a past life).


This regrettable condition of being Human is something which the compassionate Cat has a lot to say about, in his effort to be helpful to us all.  Some of his messages have serious import, many are funny, and most of them, if taken to heart, could put you on the path to Enlightenment.


  • August 22, 2019