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* Episode 1 – “Time”
Dharma outsmarts Bodhi to get an early feed.
* Episode 2 – “The Lesson”
Dharma & Siam run a con game on Bodhi.
* Episode 3 – “Mindfulness”
Bodhi is caught with his head in the clouds.
* Episode 4 – “Tolerance”
Bodhi’s tolerance is put to the test.
* Episode 5 – “Guilt”
Bodhi creates his own hell.
* Episode 6 – “Rules”
Bodhi tries to outsmart Dharma (ha!).
* Episode 7 – “Ego”
Bodhi falls into the trap of spiritual pride.
* Episode 8 – “Love Is”
Bodhi declares his love for Dharma.
* Episode 9 – “Control”
Bodhi believes he is controlling Dharma.
* Episode 10 – “Non-Attachment”
Bodhi remains attached despite best intentions.
* Episode 11 – “Catch 22”
Bodhi wants to live in the moment.
Episode 12 “Theoretical Practice”
Bodhi’s practice is perfect — except when
put to the test.
Episode 13 “Skilful Means”
What Bodhi calls ‘compassion’
Siam calls ‘bribery.’
Episode 14 “Say What?”
Bodhi tries to assert the pre-eminence
of the Human species.
Episode 15 “Food For Thought”
Bodhi proclaims his vegetarianism
Episode 16 “Non-Conflict”
Bodhi wants Dharma to roust the noisy possum
Episode 17 “Speak For Yourself!”
Bodhi believes he is Dharma’s “equal.”
Episode 18 “Spiritual Growth”
Bodhi believes he has made real progress.
Episode 19 “Opportunity”
Bodhi snatches opportunity from the jaws of defeat.
* Episode 20 “The Big Bang?”
Dharma & Siam cast doubt on Bodhi’s scientific theory.
* Episode 21 “It Can’t Happen Here”
Bodhi falls prey to spiritual pride
* Episode 22 “Don’t Ask”
Bodhi makes the mythical pilgrimage
to the wise old man on the mountain.
* Episode 23 “To Be Or Not To Be?”
Bodhi can’t decide whether or not he exists.
* Episode 24 “Dharma Door #83,999”
Bodhi meets a doorway head-on.
* Episode 25 “Is BuddhaNature Furry?”
Bodhi tries too hard.
* Episode 26 “Wisdom”
Bodhi finally asserts himself to Dharma.
* Episode 27 “Non-Judging”
Bodhi somehow misses the point.
* Episode 28 “Manipulating”
Bodhi believes his own little white lie.
* Episode29 “Surrender”
Bodhi and Dharma have a contest of wills —
guess who wins!
* Episode 30 “Depression”
Bodhi confuses compassion with depression.
* Episode 31 “Perserverence”
Bodhi somehow misses the point.
* Episode 32 “The Statue”
Bodhi somehow misses the point again!
* Episode 33 “Democracy”
Bodhi knows what’s best for everyone!
* Episode 34 “Labels”
Bodhi complains that other people are just like he is!
* Episode 35 “Cyberspace”
Bodhi thinks cyberspace is “unreal.”
* Episode 36 “Voila!”
Bodhi finds the key to enlightenment,
figuratively speaking
* Episode 37 “The Resolution”
Bodhi claims he can’t help it.
* Episode 38 “No Exceptions”
Bodhi feels the impact of globalisation.
* Episode 39 “The Fast”
Bodhi aims high.
*Episode 40 “Travelling Light”
Bodhi tries to have his cake and eat it, too!
* Episode 41 “The Pedigree”
Bodhi can’t match Dharma’s meditation skills.
* Episode 42 “The Middle Way”
Dharma’s concept of the Middle Way differs
from Bodhi’s understanding of it.
* Episode 43 “Life” Dharma sums it up.
* Episode 44 “Moderation” Bodhi demonstrates  the
difference between information and understanding.
* Episode45 “The Mirror” Bodhi, Siam and Dharma
reflect their respective states of mind.
* Episode 46 “The Great Work” Bodhi jumps the gun.
* Episode 47 “Artistry  Bodhi paints Dharma.
* Episode 48 “The Path” Bodhi has a rueful mood.
* Episode 49 “The Discourse” Bodhi tries to discard
his bridge before he crosses it.
* Episode 50 “The Blank Page” Bodhi needs inspiration.
* Episode 51 “Vintage Cool” Bodhi reassures himself.
* Episode 52 “Martial Art” Bodhi is too eager for his own good.
* Episode 53 “Pain,” Bodhi rationalises his way out of a lesson.
* Episode 54 “The Photograph” Bodhi has trouble following his
own instructions.
* Episode 55 “Illusion” Bodhi does a magic trick on Dharma.
* Episode 56 “Radio Zen” Bodhi finally gets beyond words & concepts.
* Episode 57 “The Flame” Bodhi invents his own method of
extinguishing The Flame Of Desire.
* Episode 58 “Compassion” Bodhi knows that death is inevitable,
but suffering is not
* Episode 59 “Meditating” Bodhi replaces meditating with rationalising.
* Episode 60 “War Logic” The trio finally agree on something.
* Episode 61 “The Patrol” Dharma takes a decisive stand.
* Episode 62 “Ambition” Bodhi gets drawn off the scent.
* Episode 63 “Real Life” Dharma gets a rude awakening from Siam.
* Episode 64 “The Agenda” Bodhi tries to teach Dharma self-restraint.
* Episode 65 “The Gene Factor” Bodhi justifies his chocolate habit.
* Episode 66 “Getting Even”  Bodhi reacts to a situation.
* Episode 67 “The Habit” Siam thinks Bodhi is being hypocritical.
* Episode 68 “Ho ho ho!” Three perspectives on the same moment.
  • August 22, 2019